Skills Assessment / RPL Info


MEM30305 Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade (more qualifications coming soon)
  • MEM30305 Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade (Welder 1st class)
  • MEM30305 Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade (Boilermaking / Welding)
  • MEM30305 Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade (Light/Heavy Fabrication – Sheetmetal) ​​
Fees for Skills Assessments are based on a 3 stage process. Due to our application criteria, most students will only require to go through stages 1 & 2 to be successful. If the evidence is not sufficient after stages 1 & 2, then the student may be required to go through stage 3 for completion. This will be discussed with the applicant prior to stage 3 payment.
Stage 1 – Document Assessment -$600 USD (electronic format only)
Stage 2 – Technical Assessment -$900 USD (electronic assessment only, extra fee apply for travelling to student for face to face or the use of an interpreter)
And only if required;
Stage 3 – Practical Assessment -$900 USD (base fee for witnessing the practical weld test assessment only). Extra fees will apply for workshop hire, consumables, offshore travel expenses, interpreter etc.
Additional Training if required:​
If there are skills gaps identified following the assessment process, then AITAG will be able to train these skills gap units (up to five units maximum), to bring the student up to the desired competency level. Note that each unit of competency that requires training will be charged at a separate rate to the skills assessment program.

Skills Assessment / RPL Process

Initial interview.
During the initial contact, our staff will take the time to gather some basic information to check that you meet our assessment criteria. This will determine your eligibility to start the assessment program. If you are doing the assessment in Australia we will be looking for at least 4 years industry experience. If you are doing an offshore TRA migration skills assessment, then the requirement is 6 years industry experience, and if you are wanting the skills assessment for the OSAP and 457 offshore programs, then you will require at least 3 years industry experience. We will also be looking for industry currency, that is at least 12 months out of the last 36 months, full or part time equivalent work experience. You must be able to provide suitable evidence of your experience, skills and knowledge to be able to successfully complete the skills assessment program. We will assist you one on one throughout the whole process and work with you towards a successful outcome. We will discuss all this in detail with you prior to commencing any program, and once we have determined that you meet the assessment criteria, we will be able to get you started.
Stage 1 is our Document Assessment in which we take all your documents and evidence, and do our standard checks and balances to match your experience skills and knowledge against your particular industry training package. Once this has been successfully completed, we can move to the next stage
Stage 2 is where we do a Technical Assessment. This is a face to face or Skype interview with you, to gather more evidence on your knowledge and skills in the industry. It is a very friendly competency discussion on the industry and your role in that industry. At each stage, we will complete a comprehensive report and follow up on any references and employers as required.
If we are happy with all the evidence after stages 1 & 2 then we will be happy to complete the assessment and issue you the final qualification/certificate.
Only if required, and we are still short of suitable evidence after stages 1 & 2, then we will discuss this with you to see if you can provide the extra evidence, or if we can proceed to stage 3
Stage 3 is the Practical Assessment in which we will set up a time and place that suits everyone, and complete a few practical tasks related to the industry and any specific evidence shortfalls. This can be at your own workplace or at one of our associated training facilities.
After completing the assessment process, the assessor will complete all necessary documents and reports and submit your file to our Validation, Moderation and Compliance team for checking and issuing of the final Qualification/Certificate. We will email you a certified copy straight away and also send the original and certified copies directly to you by mail.
Any Questions??
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Aust mob: +61 417 466 189
Aust office: +61 (2) 9627 6237