Stage 2A – Manual Metal Arc Welding (MMAW)
This short course covers the preparation, positioning, fixing, and manual welding techniques associated with general trade level welding using manual metal arc welding (MMAW) equipment. It includes the selection and set up of the equipment appropriate to both the material and the weld to be performed, carrying out the MMAW to prescribed standards, and ensuring finished welds are defect free, in a range of welded fabrications.
The course will cover:
  • material preparation
  • positioning and fixing
  • general MMAW techniques
  • MMAW equipment
  • weld fault finding and fixes
If you wish to be assessed for the manual metal arc welding units you will need to have completed or demonstrated competency in all units in Stage 1 Introduction to Welding. Knowledge and skills are assessed throughout the course through a number of assessment methods including:
  • written and verbal knowledge tests
  • practical skill assessments
  • workplace evidence